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Musee de la poupée. Paris.

Planet teddy bear .com
Columbus (the teddy bear of Britain's bear magazine) visited the Doll and Teddy Bear Museum in Lézan in August 2003 - see "Make my Day"- Click here to read the article


The teddy bear association in Paris ROCKING HORSES

teddybears on the net

Antiques Collectible Art by San Cristobal

miniaturama  Links;;

Online source for dollhouse miniature furniture, building
supplies, dollhouses, accessories, and dollhouse decor.  The premier site
for all miniature enthusiasts!;
. Usa's magazine for collectors. ;;; PATTERNS FROM THE PAST;;; ; Toy sewing machines ;; Bird whistles;;; Brentanos, the American Bookstore in Paris since 1895 ; ; (in England), Museum of childhood at Bethnal Green in London ; (in the USA);;;;;;;; Musée de la Civilisation (in Canada);;;;;;;; Princeton Doll&Toy Museum;;;;; Perambulator Museum;;;; (in the Netherlands);;;;;;;;; ; (in Italy); (in Italy);;; ; ;;;;;; GERMAN TOY ROAD;;;;;;;; Articles on miniatures;;; The Virtual museum of dollhouses;;;;;;;; The Perfume Museum (in Paris);;; Museum of Australia LETTING THE OBJECTS TELL THEIR STORIES
ANNE FRANK; Anne Frank's doll;; Children's heroes and role models; Antique toys;;; Bear market starategies;;;;;;;;;
The Unique Dolls Museum (in Moscow, in Russia);;; (in Germany);  Käthe Kruse (in Austria);;;  Puppen- und Spielzeug-Museen; (in  the USA); ; Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh ( in Scotland);; Children; Schools 1900-1950; ;;; ; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;; BENAKI MUSEUM (in Greece);;;;;;; ; (in Switzerland) ; (see History);;;; Teddy Bear Museums around the world; (in England); ; (in the Usa);;;; ;;;;; LINKS;;;;;
DOLLMAKING SUPPLIES;;;;;;;;;; GREINER DOLLS; Black Dolls (in the USA);; (in Great Britain);;;; A museum of miniatures (in the USA);;;;;;; Spielzeugmuseum Kunsterbunt (in Germany);; BENAKI MUSEUM (in Greece); Germany);; The Toy Museum of NY (in the USA); (in Russia); (in Vienna in Austria);; ; ; ; ; ;; ;; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;; Antique doll clothes ;; ;;;;;;;;;; WINNIE THE POOH;; Brocante Mag French Antiques & Collectors;; ;;; The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc.;; ; ;;;;;;;;

Dollhouse Accessories and Dollhouse Miniatures ;;

Dollhouse accessories and dollhouse miniatures by specializes in dollhouse, dollhouse furniture & dollhouse kits. ;;;;;;
Paper dollhouses;;;;;;;;;;;
;  Free Doll House Plans;;;;; The Magical World of Dollhouses in Poland;; Dollhouses and Miniatures -;;;; (
in Scotland); The Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City; (in Australia) ;; ROCKING HORSE;;;;;;; France) ;;;;;;;( in Italy); (in Portugal); (in Spain);; (in Belgium); Dollshouses Past and Present;;; The Dionne Quints Museum (in Canada);;;;; The Istanbul Toy Museum (in Turkey);;;;; (in Germany);  The Dollhouse Museum (in Malaga, in Spain);;;;; Washing Machine Museum (in the USA);; (in Japan);;;; Vivien Greene;;; (in Austria); Free Printable Dollhouse Wallpaper;; Virtueel Poppenhuis Museum (in Holland);; (in Denmark);; Toy Museums (in Switzerland); Toy Museums;;;;;; Toy Museum (in Northern Africa);;;; A bit of  Sasha history; ; ;;;;; (The Toy Market in Brussels); ;; ( in France) ; (in Belgium) ; ; ; ; ;;;;
in Denmark); (in Norway);;; (in Sweden);;;; (in Sweden);;;;; ERZGEBIRGISCHES SPIELZEUG MUSEUM; nella creatività dei bimbi africani;; (in Sweden);;
Toy museum (in Sweden);;;;;;;; Highland Museum of Childhood (in Scotland);;;; in Australia);;;;; Good Bears of the World;;; (in Austria); (In Spain) ; ;; ;;;;;; (in Canada);;;; Teddy_bear ; Doll ; Toy#History ; ;;;;;;;
House&Toy Museum in Bristol; Sewing machine collector;;;;;;
Frozen Charlottes;; ;  Children's Songs and Nursery Rhymes;; ; ; ;;;; (in Germany);; Käthe Kruse Puppenweltmuseum (in Austria); Käthe Kruse Doll and Toy Museum (in Holland) ;;;; (in the USA); ; PAPERDOLLS;;; Shirley Temple dolls;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; DIN KUNSKAPSBANK;;;;;;;;; The Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys; ; (in the USA) ; The Toy Museum (in Prague) (in Hungary) TVTOYS;;;;;; The Craftmuseum of Finland (in Jyväskylä, Finland); Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum (in Turku, in Finland);; The Toy Museum (in Parainen, Finland); (in Sweden);;; ; ; ; Päiväkirjamerkintöjä Nukkenallemuseosta, Ranska; "Unelmani Etelä-Ranskassa"-kirjasta vrt.suomenkielinen sivu ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;;;;;; KÄTHE KRUSE;;;;;'s_arks.htm;; The Teddy Bear Museum (in Hyvinkää, near Helsinki) ;, The Toy museum(in Tampere, in Finland) ;, The Toy Museum (in Porvoo, in Finland); (in Espoo, in Finland); Rauma, in Finland); The Suomenlinna Toy Museum (in Helsinki);; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; (Google);;;; The Suomenlinna Toy Museum (in Helsinki); Local History Museum (in Finland);; ;;
POP-Antik in Helsinki, OLD TOYS, Liisa Brusin, Iso Roobertinkatu 14, phone: +358 40 581 5395 ;;;;; The International Doll Museum ;; ;; (in Japan) Museum Tour ( International Federation for Toys And Childhood= IFTAC ) Tartu Toy Museum (in Estonia) Doll Museum (click on attractions, museums);; (in Hungary); ; Russian Christmas ornaments;

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