The Doll & Teddy Bear Museum

Ulla-Maija Suonpää, who founded the museum in 2000, tells us :
"In 1985 
I was in Paris and the following year in London. I saw beautiful collections of dolls and teddy bears there in toy museums. Later I started making and collecting vintage dolls and teddy bears with old toys to have a collection of my own. Now I have about 2500 pieces (from the 18th century to the present). They are on display in my home museum in Lézan - The Doll and Teddy Bear Museum - in the South of France.

The museum is holding three exhibitions: "School memories from the Sixties", "Fashion design from the Fifties until nowadays in the teddy bear world". 

Online tour:

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"From a princess's dollhouse to Pippi Longstocking's Villa Villekulla - from the 19th century to the 21st".

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and then


The Doll and Teddy Bear Museum Association

In 2001, I founded the doll and teddy bear museum association - non profit-making - to run the museum.

The first aim is to preserve the patrimony (so that the museum may continue to exist) : preserving, repairing, restoring, gathering information, old traditions, going back to one's roots (cultural, familiar...) 

The second aim is recycling old materials, rescueing, restoring and creating new bears instead of throwing away things as our society seems so fond of doing. In this way we can limit pollution etc... (conserving nature, respecting the environment, trying to become conscious of our

environmental responsabilities).

The third aim is to enhance the value of handicraft & creativity (exhibitions, international fairs, handicrafts, courses, meeting people, exchanges).

The fourth aim is "Friends World-Wide" : cultural, linguistic exchanges, outings, correspondance...

One of our members is in UK. Greetings from England and welcome to do some interesting birdwatching along the varied coastline of Great Britain.

The association is French Finnish.
Finland is something to discover with it's 60 000 lakes!
In Scandinavia near the Arctic Circle (Lapland).
In Finland nature isn't just a place, it's a state of mind!"

The fifth aim: "Children's Different Worlds" (cultural, social...): care, solidarity, therapy; children's rights - human rights.

A school drawing from the Twenties

The Doll and Teddy Bear Museum

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